Creating a world of healthier minds and happier people

NeuroBright has developed ground-breaking wearable technology available for the first time as a personal and professional development tool that improves mental wellness and increases creativity and IQ.

Every day 50 million people call in sick due to anxiety and stress, meaning more than 1 billion productive days are lost every month, costing the global economy $1 trillion every year.

Our mission is to create the first product for the mass market to help more than 1 billion people who suffer from poor mental health worldwide.

The future of mental health & performance

NeuroBright is a fast, effective way to make sure you and your team always play at the highest level. This cutting-edge light & sound neurotechnology is based on more than 50 years of clinical and scientific studies, and has a profound effect on mental health, wellbeing & cognitive performance.

We use cutting-edge entrainment technology (the principle of synchronising brainwaves with light and sound frequencies) to create the most engaging and entertaining audio-visual experience. You can see the difference NeuroBright makes in real time using 3D neuro-imaging technology.



Treatment Resistant Depression
(Cantor & Stevens, 2009)
Pathological Worry
(Wolitzky-Taylor & Telch, 2007)
(Carter & Russell, 1994)

User Experience

The One Device

You can use different visors depending on your environment to control the ambient light and maximise your experience.

Our interchangeable and quick-to-fit visor design means you can customise your device with a number of colour and finish options.

With your eyes closed during the flickering light sequence, you experience a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, and patterns taking your mind away on a 15 minute vacation!

The One Technology Modules

Innovative Workplace Wellness Solution

Improves Mental Wellness
Increases Clarity & Focus
Boosts IQ
Leading-Edge Innovation

We are looking for companies to conduct workplace trials. To find out how you can get involved please contact us at

Brain Imaging Before & After USe

Is NeuroBright for everyone?

Generally speaking, yes. Using NeuroBright on a regular basis is a form of brain training, and you will become aware of increased mental clarity and efficiency with less mental fuzz.

NeuroBright sessions, whether for relaxation, enhancing motivation, or increasing the ability to maintain focus, can be a highly beneficial
tool replacing confusion and overwhelm with a sense of having everything mentally organized.

However NeuroBright is not advised if suffering from epilepsy, heart trouble, or if you are photosensitive or have a history of seizures.


WHAT USERS SAY About NeuroBright

Meet The Team & Advisors

Core Team

Stephen Elliot


Dr. David Heath


Dr. Tamlyn Watermeyer



Dr. Frank Zanow

Colin White


Paul Wilson

Expert with a demonstrated history of working in product design and manufacturing of wireless, smart and IoT industries

Gregor Aikman

Design Consultant, Entrepreneur and Business Builder

Martin MacDonald

Sales, Business Development and Product Management

Nick Noble

Digital Business, Marketing & Design Mentor, ex agency, big tech, in-house & start-up

Callum Sinclair

Partner, Head of Technology & Commercial, Burness Paull

LeighAnne Jordan

Talent Solutions and Career Coach

Aileen Biagi

Mass market product development expert from pre-concept to delivery and production


Be Part of the Solution

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For investors or anyone who wants to make the world a healthier, happier place and build a solution to help humankind for generations to come, please drop us a line and help us create a NeuroBrighter future today!